Flowers and Money

  • $125.00

Many people decide to purchase a new fragrance for their wedding day so they associate some of the most cherished memories with the scent. Flowers and Money, a handcrafted unisex fragrance, will captivate you and take you back years from now to the happiest day of your life, just like a great fragrance should.

Flowers and Money has a multitude of notes that indulge the senses, including luscious wild berries and basil flowers for bright notes with a kiss of honeysuckle, white ginger, and violet leaves for something sweet. Golden amber, melted caramel, tonka bean, and vanilla create a luxurious elixir, while the bergamot, cedar, Haiti vetiver, and cedarwood add an earthiness to the fragrance.

  • 1 oz.
  • Unisex fragrance
  • Scent notes include wild berries, honeysuckle, golden amber, melted caramel, vanilla, bergamot, cedar, ozonic notes, white ginger, basil flower, white pepper, violet leaves, cedar wood, Haiti vetiver, and tonka bean